Various Artists   ReImagine: Leslie Cheung (2CD) (2012) (MP3) [Album]

ReImagine – Leslie Cheung (2CD)
Label: Universal Music (HK)
Release Date: 2012-04-27
Language: Cantonese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

On March 1st, 2012, the ReImagine Leslie Cheung Concert was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center under the direction of lyricist Lin Xi and producer Alvin Leong as a tribute to the late legend who had left us for nine years. A group of Universal Music artists, including Sandy Lam, George Lam, Hacken Lee, Prudence Liew, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Karen Mok, Hins Cheung, Kay Tse, Eric Suen, Kary Ng, Mr., and Swing, took turns to make their own renditions of Leslie’s unforgettable classics during the concert. The songs performed were mainly selected from the period after Leslie made his comeback to the music scene in 1995, during which he was considered to be most creative in terms of music and style.

CD1 (Studio Version)
01. 陪你倒數 – 林子祥
02. 路過蜻蜓 – 林憶蓮
03. 夢到內河 – 李克勤
04. 左右手 – 劉美君
05. 夢死醉生 – 車婉婉
06. 偷情 – 莫文蔚
07. 追 – 孫耀威
08. 春夏秋冬 – 陳慧琳
09. 最冷一天 – 陳奕迅

CD2 (Studio Version)
01. 侯斯頓之戀 – Swing
02. 紅 – 張敬軒
03. 潔身自愛 – 吳雨霏
04. 我 (國語版) – 謝安琪
05. 心跳呼吸正常 – 關楚耀
06. 怪你過份美麗 – Mr.
07. 怨男 – 麥家瑜
08. 同道中人 – Robynn & Kendy
09. 寂寞有害 – 林德信

English Tracklist:

01. George Lam – Count Down With You
02. Sandy Lam – A Dragonfly Passed By
03. Hacken Lee – Dream Of Inland River
04. Prudence Liew – Left & Right hand
05. Stephanie Che – Drink In Dream
06. Karen Mok – An Affair
07. Eric Suen – Chasing
08. Kelly Chen – Four Seasons
09. Eason Chan – Coldest Day

01. Swing – Huston Love
02. Hins Cheung – Red
03. Kary Ng – Self Respect
04. Kay Tse – Me (Mandarine)
05. Kelvin Kwan – Heart Rate Normal
06. Mr. – You Are Too Beautiful
07. Keeva Mak – The Man Who Complains
08. Robynn & Kendy – Fellow Man
09. Alex Lam – Deadly Loneliness

Various Artists   ReImagine: Leslie Cheung (2CD) (2012) (MP3) [Album]
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Various Artists   ReImagine: Leslie Cheung (2CD) (2012) (MP3) [Album]

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Various Artists   ReImagine: Leslie Cheung (2CD) (2012) (MP3) [Album]

Various Artists   ReImagine: Leslie Cheung (2CD) (2012) (MP3) [Album]

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