Nice Guy OST / 수목드라마 OST
Release Date: 2012-09-26
Language: Korean
Genre: Soundtrack

Sungkyunkwan Scandal star Song Joong Ki takes a dark turn for the KBS revenge drama No Such Thing as Nice Guys (a.k.a. Nice Guy). Song plays a medical student who went to jail to mycred_sell_this his girlfriend, played by Park Si Yeon, only to discover upon his return that she had betrayed him and married into wealth. Moon Chae Won co-stars as Park Si Yeon’s stepdaughter, who falls for the hero and becomes a chess piece in his revenge plan.
Song Joong Ki himself sings the ballad “Really” for No Such Thing as Nice Guys second soundtrack. The Part 2 OST also features songs from Son Ho Young and Superstar K3’s Yoon Bit Nara.

** Updated Full Album Part.2**

Full Album Part.2: Updated 2012-11-07

Part.4: Updated 2012-10-31

Full Album P1: Updated 2012-10-24

Part.3: Updated 2012-10-18

Part.2: Updated 2012-10-10

Part.1: Updated 2012-09-26

Release: Nice Guy OST (2012).rar
Quality: MP3-320K
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* Part.3

* Full Album Part.1

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