Nice Guy OST / 수목드라마 OST
Release Date: 2012-09-26
Language: Korean
Genre: Soundtrack

Sungkyunkwan Scandal star Song Joong Ki takes a dark turn for the KBS revenge drama No Such Thing as Nice Guys (a.k.a. Nice Guy). Song plays a medical student who went to jail to protect his girlfriend, played by Park Si Yeon, only to discover upon his return that she had betrayed him and married into wealth. Moon Chae Won co-stars as Park Si Yeon’s stepdaughter, who falls for the hero and becomes a chess piece in his revenge plan.
Song Joong Ki himself sings the ballad “Really” for No Such Thing as Nice Guys second soundtrack. The Part 2 OST also features songs from Son Ho Young and Superstar K3’s Yoon Bit Nara.

** Updated Full Album Part.2**

Full Album Part.2: Updated 2012-11-07

Part.4: Updated 2012-10-31

Full Album P1: Updated 2012-10-24

Part.3: Updated 2012-10-18

Part.2: Updated 2012-10-10

Part.1: Updated 2012-09-26

Release: Nice Guy OST (2012).rar
Quality: MP3-320K
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* Part.1:

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