VA Album – Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love OST / 장옥정, 사랑에 살다 OST
Release Date: 2013-03-08
Language: Korean
Genre: Soundtrack

Jang Ok Jung, better known as Jang Hee Bin, is infamous in Korean history as the concubine of bewitching beauty who gained favor from Joseon King Suk Jong and plotted to depose Queen In Hyun. After a brief reign as Queen, she was later demoted, then sentenced to death. Often portrayed as a power-hungry villain and femme fatale in popular culture, Jang Ok Jung is presented in a new light in the revisionist 2013 SBS drama Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love starring Kim Tae Hee in the eponymous role. Jang Ok Jung’s story begins in her younger years before she became concubine, and how she met and fell in love with the King, played by Yoo Ah In.
The soundtrack for Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love comes in a two-disc set with the drama score and songs from some of Korea’s best singers. Yim Jae Bum’s grand ballad “Song of Sorrow” sets the tone for the OST, along with Zia’s “Even in My Dreams,” Rumble Fish’s “Season of Love,” Page’s “Living in Love,” Lee Soo Young’s “Will It Reach You?” and Lee Jung’s “Voiceless.”

[toggle title=”Full Album: Updated 2013-06-20″]Tracklist:
CD 1
01. 비가 – 임재범
02. 닿을 수 있나요 – 이수영
03. 벙어리 – 이정
04. 사랑에 살다 – 페이지
05. 꿈에서라도 – 지아
06. 사랑의 계절 – 럼블피쉬
07. 아스라이 – 신초아
08. 환국정쟁(feat.임윤정) – V.A
09. 바랄 망 – V.A
10. 숙명의 대결 – V.A
11. 꽃의 눈물(feat.구성희) – V.A
12. 불꽃의 춤 – V.A
13. 나비를 부르는 노래(feat.임윤정) – V.A
14. 닿을 수 없는 하늘이 무너지다 – V.A
15. 불멸의 연인(feat.구성희) – V.A
16. 연심 – V.A
17. 권력의 축 – V.A
18. 외로운 선택 – V.A
19. 희생의 대가(feat.임윤정) – V.A
20. 하늘에 핀 꽃 – V.A

CD 2
01. 그리움의 향기 – V.A
02. 적대자 – V.A
03. 그녀의 꿈 – V.A
04. 마지막 사랑 – V.A
05. 꽃과 나비가 머무는 곳 – V.A
06. 미궁 – V.A
07. 핏발 선 야욕 – V.A
08. 상사화 – V.A
09. 옥빛 눈물 – V.A
10. 운명의 패 – V.A
11. 복잡한 마음 – V.A
12. 대적 – V.A
13. 왕의 진심 – V.A
14. 전장의 안개 – V.A
15. 절체의 칼끝 – V.A
16. 삶과 죽음(feat.임윤정) – V.A
17. 적월 – V.A
18. 불측지연 – V.A
19. 정치적 희생양 – V.A
20. 못다 한 마음 – V.A
21. 사랑에 웃다 – V.A [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.6: Updated 2013-06-12″]
01 벙어리
02 벙어리 (Inst.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.5: Updated 2013-06-03″]
01 벙어리
02 벙어리 (Inst.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.4: Updated 2013-05-28″]
01 사랑에 살다
02 사랑에 살다 (Inst.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.3: Updated 2013-05-14″]
01. 사랑의 계절
02. 사랑의 계절 (inst.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.2: Updated 2013-04-24″]
01. 꿈에서라도 (Even If It’s Only In A Dream)
02. 꿈에서라도 (Even If It’s Only In A Dream) (inst.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Part.1: Updated 2013-04-08″]
01. 비가
02. 비가 (Inst.)[/toggle]

Release: VA – Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love
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