VA Album – Gu Family Book OST / 이사벨 – 구가의서 OST
Release Date: 2013-04-08
Language: Korean, English
Genre: Soundtrack

After wooing a gumiho fox spirit in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, popular singer-actor Lee Seung Gi becomes a half-gumiho in his first period drama Gu Family Book (a.k.a. Kang Chi, the Beginning). Years ago, a kind mountain demon rescued and fell in love with a human girl, but she betrayed him when she saw his true face, leading to great tragedy. Eighteen years later, their son Kang Chi, who has grown up not knowing his own power and origin, discovers his half-demon nature. miss A’s Suzy co-stars as the sassy swordswoman who flutters his heart and inspires him to keep his inner beast under control as he struggles to become human.
Both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy participated on the soundtrack of Gu Family Book, singing the ballads “Last Word” and “Don’t Forget Me,” respectively. Some of the best vocalists in K-pop appear on the soundtrack including OST queen Baek Ji Young’s “Spring Rain,” The One’s “Best Wishes to You,” Noel member Lee Sang Gon’s “My Love is Hurt,” 4Men’s “Only You” and Lee Ji Young’s “Love is Blowing.” Popera singer Yisabel’s My Eden and “Paradise In Me” opens and closes the soundtrack.

Full Album: Updated 2013-06-25

Special Part: Updated 2013-06-19

Part.9: Updated 2013-06-14

Part.8: Updated 2013-06-05

Part.7: Updated 2013-05-22

Part.6: Updated 2013-05-22

Part.5: Updated 2013-05-06

Part.4: Updated 2013-04-22

Part.3: Updated 2013-04-16

Part.2: Updated 2013-04-09

Part.1: Updated 2013-04-08

Release: VA – Gu Family Book
Quality: MP3-320K
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