Pep Love’s first album (2001’s “Ascension”) was the dark horse of the Hiero crew’s debut solo releases, getting the most critical love, and his work with Project Blowed, Z-Trip and others from the early 2Ks still stands up. This album includes the single “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us”, currently riding a series of remixes featuring A Plus, Casual, Del, Phesto & Tajai. He is currently mid-30+ date tour with the Rebelution Festival.

Proudly Presents

Pep Love – Rigmarole

Title [Rigmarole ]
Artist [Pep Love ]
Label [Hieroglyphics Impe ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 114,2 MB Ripped [03-28-2012 ]
Grabbed from [CDDA ] Enc [Lame 3.98 ]
Website [ ]

Track Time Title

01 00:40 Intro
02 04:07 Runaway Slave Ft. Otayo Dub
03 03:55 Top O’ The Mornin’ Ft. Knobody
04 03:34 Everywhere
05 04:34 Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us Ft. Opio
06 03:28 Hip Hop My Friend
07 03:47 Freak Rock
08 05:18 Bang!
09 04:00 Agree To Disagree
10 03:43 Cloudy Days
11 04:56 Rooftops & Rain
12 04:26 I Know This Pain Ft. LB Select Chris Rene
13 03:38 Reflections
14 04:27 Be
15 03:43 Inner Conflict
16 03:35 Ipower
17 03:22 No Unsung
17 65:13 min

Release Notes:

Founding Hieroglyphics group member Pep Love last released a
solo project in 2001, and while that album, Ascension, is
now considered one of the finest releases to come from the
Hiero crew, Pep’s new album Rigmarole is all about growth.
“Most of Rigmarole was recorded during a time in my life
when the music I was making was one of the few things that
was actually working,” explains Pep. “It was therapy; it
made me feel better. So there was a lot of learning,
personal growth, and healing that continues to this very
day. I was focused on where I was headed as a human being
more than as a rapper or recording artist. But in the
process, I reinvented myself as an artist and discovered my
love for what I do.”

The album title, Rigmarole, was similarly inspired by Pep’s
quest to evolve as a person. “The word ‘rigmarole,'” he
notes, “means the necessary steps or process that one must
go through to achieve a certain end. With my Rigmarole,
then, it speaks to the process that I went through and go
through as an individual and an artist — and also to the
greater process of cultural evolution that hip-hop and
society is experiencing.”

Produced by Steven King (tracks 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13);
Unjust (4, 6, 12, 15); Billion Coast (5, 16); Nima Fadavi
(9); Aagee (14). Cuts by DJ Platurn (track 6); TD Camp (8).

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